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Is it legal to charge admission to a live sex show?
I know there's case law in some states but do most states have laws governing this? The Supreme Court has ruled that actors are being paid for acting in pornographic movies and not for their gratification. That's why pornography is not prostitution. If attendees to the live sex show masturbate while watching, is it then prostitution? If they do not, is it then just live porn and protected under the First Amendment?
In Missouri:

"Prostitution", a person commits prostitution if he engages or offers or agrees to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for something of value to be received by the person or by a third person.

It doesn't matter who pays. Both people would be guilty of Prostitution here.
What is the best paying live sex chat?
Which is the best paying live sex chat site. I've done live jasmin and IMlive which is good for amateurs, but I'm looking for something that pays a little better.
Go stand on the corner in a really rich neighborhood
What music is playing in the background during Edge and Lita's live sex celebration?
I think it was during their first live sex celebration when the bed was in the ring and then Cena came out. What was the music?
Sorry ... Can't recall it ...
Why do I keep getting invited to join sex live web-sites after playing a game of euchre?
Everytime I exit out of the yahoo euchre, I receive an e-mail requesting me to join a sex live web-site. Can that be removed? I do not want to join or have no desire to join a sex live web-site.
it's a sign.
Where can I find live sex shows in New York City?
HI, So heard that live sex shows exist in NYC...the question is where can I find such shows? and how much would it cost to go to see one of those! if you know of a place, a name or an address..I would appreciate it!

Other than an occasional topless bar I think that they have gone away.
For how long time can men live without sex and ANY masturbation?
I mean not to masturbate at all and not caress their dick. Is it physically possible to live without sex and selfservice, but getting your sperm out only while sleep?
Men, please answer!
Thanks much!
as you get older (like me) you don't get an erection so you don't have sex anymore. as for masturbation if you have had the prostate removed (like I have)you don't release any sperm when you orgasm and it isn't as exciting as it was when something came out when you go off. It sucks when you get older!
Is there anywhere in France that I can see a live sex show?
I tried looking on the internet with no luck. I know about Casa Rosso in Amsterdam. So is there anywhere, underground or legal, that I could see a live sex show in France?

*Yahoo deleted the first time I asked this question. I'll try putting it in another category now*
I kind of want to know now...
Do you live for sex? This is a religious / philosophical question and is to be taken literally?
Do you live for sex, physical pleasure and the high of lusting after different men?
I am following this question because I want to see the answer.
Would you rather live a life devoid of sex, or a life without love?
Okay, here's the details:
If you choose a life without love, note that NOBODY loves you. Not even your family, friends, not even yourself.
If you choose a life devoid of sex, that means absolutely no sex, even porn and masturbating. =/

So far, all the girls I asked said that they would rather live without sex, and only some of the boys chose the same option, but most chose life without love.
Interesting, isn't it? For me, I would choose to live without sex.
** Also, explain your answer.
I was cool without sex from most of my guyhood. ( I miss that innocence) If I had a choice, I think I'd choose the devoid of sex. Who wants to live without love. The feeling of being loved last a lot longer than a sexual feeling.
Someone said there are "live sex shows" in amsterdam; does that mean you can watch people have intercourse?
I've heard of live sex shows at strip clubs, but that doesn't necessarily mean the women are having sex, thus my reasoning for asking this question. In addition, I'm planning on going to Amsterdam & Barcelona this summer with my best bud; what r some things we can do in both places to have a blast while we are there?
Yes, some of these clubs shows it all. But you will be very disapointed.

The clubs with dancing strippers leave more for your imagination and are a lot more fun and less humiliating.

If you like to combine a bit of sexy fun and classic culture, Amsterdam is the place to go.

Anne Frank's house shows how this Jewish girl and her family lived in hiding from the nazis, and where she wrote her famous diary. The area of the house is situated at the canals and gives you a good image of what Old Amsterdam looked like.

Van Gogh Museum is amazing, even if you are not all that into painting art.

Check out this website for a nice combination of activities:…

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